What’s the Low Down on Lake Law?

lake lawsWhen it comes to lakes there are certain things that you should know. Some people think that drinking is legal in recreational areas such as lakes, however this is often times actually a restriction. Believe it or not, the “low down” on lake laws is that if you’re caught with an open container at certain lakes in the US, you could be heavily fined. You could especially be fined for drinking and boating. Don’t forget that drinking and driving isn’t the only crime in the US. Boaters get stopped regularly for drinking.


One major concern that has developed over the last several years is littering by the lake. This is yet another law that can result in a fine. Although you probably won’t go to jail for littering at a lake, its quite possible that you could be restricted from being near the area again (depending on the laws of the area that you’re in).


Overall our goal in spreading the word about lake laws is so that we can maintain the beauty of nature in our country. We want you to enjoy the outdoors while being responsible. Laws exist to help us accomplish this. Nature is a thing of beauty and you share a role in ensuring that it never diminishes. These laws aren’t just my laws and your laws. These laws are the laws of planet Earth. Please be sure to share this post if you agree! Thanks for checking in and we hope to see you again!